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Fire Retardant Melamine Cyanurate

Product Name:Fire Retardant Melamine Cyanurate

Product Model:Puer MCA

Product Description:
Structure: Name: Melamine Cyanurate(MC15)
Formula: C6H9N9O3
Molecular Weight: 255.2
CAS No.: 37640-57-6
HS code: 2933699090

White powder, non-toxic, tasteless, soapy.Insoluble in water or most organic solvents.
Melamine Cyanurate MC15 is a halogen-free flame retardant for polyamide 6(66),PET, TPE cable and epoxy resin. Addition of MC15 gives products good mechanical ,electrical and pigmenting properties.

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Good color stability
Excellent electrical performance
Environmental friendly
20kg /bag, using paper bags
Handle with care,keep airtight and dry.

Fire Retardant Melamine Cyanurate Special Features:

MCA intumescent halogen free fire retardant Melamine Cyanurate for plastic and fibre

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