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Swingtec Germany, Thermal Fogger

Product Name:Swingtec Germany, Thermal Fogger

Product Model:Swingfog Sn 50

Product Description:
A Thermal Or Hot Fogger Heats Oil Based Fogging Solutions. This Heating Creates A Fog Or Mist. The Smoke Like Mist Will Stay Longer Than Cold Space Sprayers. Since Particle Size Is Smaller, Chemical Hang Time And Penetration Is Improved. The Application: The Swingfog Models Sn 50, Sn 81 & Sn 101 Series, Our High Performance Thermal Aerosol Fog Generators For The Efficient Combating Of Mosquitoes, Insects, Pests, Fungus, Disease, Viruses, Bacteria And Deodorization. Effective Mosquito Control In Woods, Swamps, Creeks, Streams Etc., Plant Protection In Green Houses And Plantations (ornamental Plants, Vegetables, Cocoa, Sugarcane, Coffee, Palm Trees, Cotton And Cereals), Stock Protection In Silos, Store Rooms And Protection Plants For Food And Agricultural Products, Textiles And Tobacco. Deodorization And Disinfecting Measures In The Human Area, In Food Production Plants, Health And Hygiene In Public, Private And Commercial Areas And In Animal Keeping (vector And Communicable Disease Control, And Pest Control), Sprout Inhabitation Of Potatoes And Training And Special Effects. A Fuel/ Air Mixture From The Carburetor Is Ignited In The Combustion Chamber, And The Resulting Deflagrations Oscillate A Column Gas In The Resonator Pipe Between 80 And 110 Times Per Second. The Solution Is Injected Into The Hot Air Stream At The End Of The Fogging Tube And Is Dispersed Into The Finest Aerosol Droplets And Distributed Into An Extensive, Dense Fog. Chemical Solution And Fuel Are Conveyed By A Small Overpressure In Their Respective Parts. With The Exception Of The Pulsing Diaphragm, The System Has No Moving Parts, And Therefore No Wear And Tear. The Pulsing Diaphragm Is Used To Supply The Overpressure To The Tanks. Electric Energy Is Merely Consumed At The Start Of The Pulse Engine For The Initial Spark, And Is Supplied By Four Standard D Cell Batteries. With A Minimum Quantity Of Chemical Preparation, An Optimal Effect And Coverage Is Achieved. In Compression With Conventional Methods, Swingfog Thermal Aerosol Fogging Equipments Achieves Approximately 90% Labor Savings When Treating In Small Areas. The Swingfog Technique Provides A Valuable Contribution To The Protection Of The Environment. By Means Of Various Nozzles Either Ulv (ultra Low Volume) Or The Lv (low Volume) Application Can Be Employed. The Swingfog Products Are Portable / Mountable Powerhouse That Excels On Application Problems Where Other Machinery Fails. There Is No Application Too Big Or Too Small, Indoors Or Outdoors. No Other Machine Surpasses The Swingfog Application Capacity Or Its Speed In Completing Difficult Chemical Application Jobs Effectively. The Swingfog Clearly Exceeds The Competition On All Levels. No Other Aerosol Fog Generator Enjoys Such Worldwide Acclaim No Other Applicator Compares In Technology And Advancements  Swingtec Germany, Thermal Fogger

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