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Guggul, Also Known As Commiphora Mukul And Indian Bedellium, Is A Very Effective Herbal Medicine For Controlling Obesity And Cholesterol. Guggul Is A Resin Known To Increase White Blood Cell Counts And Possess Strong Disinfecting Properties. It Has Long Been Known To Lower Cholesterol And Triglycerides, While Maintain Or Improve The Hdl To Ldl Ratio. It Is One Of The Very First "broad Spectrum Drugs" With A Wide Therapeutic Range. A Broad Mode Of Action Makes This Herb Very Helpful Even In Protecting Against Ailments Such As Common Cold, And Various Skin, Dental And Ophthalmic Infections. One Of The Most Famous Herbs In Ayurvedic Medicine, Guggul Possesses Strong Purifying And Rejuvenating Powers. People Today Most Commonly Use It To Benefit From Guggul's Lipid Regulating And Immunomodulating Properties. It Has Been Shown That Guggul Can Lower Blood Cholesterol By 14-27% And Can Lower Triglycerides By 22-30%. The Effects That Guggul Has On The Blood Cholesterol Levels Is Comparable To Prescription Medications But, Being A Natural Plant Extract, It Is A Far Superior And Much Safer Product. Guggul Works On The Liver By Increasing The Metabolism (or Break Down) Of The Bad Cholesterol Known As Ldl Cholesterol. After Taking The Product For 4 To 12 Weeks, Total Cholesterol Levels Can Drop, Triglyceride Levels Can Drop And An Increase In Hdl (the Good Cholesterol) Of Approximately 16% Can Occur. Its Benenfits As A Weight-loss And Fat Burning Agent Have Been Well Researched And Documented In Several Studies.guggul Action Lowers Cholesterol And Triglycerides, While Maintaining Or Improving Hdl To Ldl Ratio. It Lowers Triglyceride Levels. It Relaxes The Muscles Which Helps Relieve Menstrual Pain. It Acts As A Blood Detoxifier Which Breaks Up Stagnation In The Body. Shuddha Guggulu Can Be Taken By Practically Everyone, Regardless Of Age And Gender. Guggul Can Be Taken By People For: - Weight Management- Lowering Cholesterol - Improving Circulation- Relief From Arthritis Pain- Treating Boils- Eczema- Menstrual Pain (relieves It)- Dermatitis- Psoriasis- Skin Rashesguggul Faq's What Is Guggul?guggul Or Indian Bedellium Is One Of The Oldest And Most Famous Herbs In Ayurvedic Medicine. It Possesses Strong Purifying And Rejuvenating Properties And Its Lipid Regulating And Immunomodulating Properties Are Especially Beneficial.who Can Take Guggul?because Herbal Medicines Are Relatively Mild And Gentle On The Human Body, Guggul Can Be Taken By Practically Everyone, Regardless Of Age And Gender. Guggul Can Be Taken By People For:- Weight Management- Lowering Cholesterol - Improving Circulation- Relief From Arthritis Pain- Treating Boils- Eczema- Menstrual Pain (relieves It)- Dermatitis- Psoriasis- Skin Rashesis Guggul Addictive?guggul Made By Does Not Contain Any Addictive Components. It Is Safe To Use Guggul For Extended Periods Of Time Without Fear Of Addiction.what Kind Of Action Does Guggul Have On The Body?guggul Has Traditionally Been Used In Ayurvedic Medicine To Treat Obesity, Lipid Disorders, And Rheumatoid Arthritis. It Is Useful In The Treatment Of Arteriosclerosis, While Reducing Existing Plaque In Arteries. In Terms Of Obesity, Guggul Increases Bodys Metabolic Rate, Improves Thyroid Function, Increases Fat-burning Activity Of The Body, And Increases Thermogenesis Or Heat Production. Guggul Helps To Lower Cholesterol And Triglycerides. It Has Been Shown To Reduce Total Cholesterol Up To 30% In 3 Months. Gugguls Cholesterol Regulating Properties Are Especially Important In Reducing Ldl By 35% And Increasing Hdl By 20% In 12 Weeks. Guggul Decreases Platelet Stickiness And Reduces Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke.what Are The Benefits Of Taking Guggul?- Guggul Increased Hdl Cholesterol, Which Is Needed By The Body And Lowers Ldl Cholesterol.- It Lowers Triglyceride Levels.- It Relaxes The Muscles Which Helps Relieve Menstrual Pain.- It Acts As A Blood Detoxifier Which Breaks Up Stagnation In The Body.- It Is A Heart Tonic That Strengthens The Heart.how Long Do I Have Take Guggul Before I See Any Results?herbal Medicines Provide Progressive, Long-term Benefits. Certain Classes Of Herbs Work Well In Acute Conditions To Provide Quick Relief, However Herbs Like Guggul Usually Take 3-4 Weeks Before You Can Experience The Full Benefits Of Taking It. Individual Results Can Vary, Depending On The Nature And Seriousness Of The Condition For Which Guggul Is Being Consumed.guggulu (latin. Commiphora Mukul) Belongs To The Myrrh Species Which Is Mainly Indigenous Of India. The Healing Virtue Of This Plant Is Known In Ayurvedic Medicine Since Thousand Of Years.one Of The Major Or Widely Spread Ailments Of Our Times Are Aches And Pains In Knee, Feet, Fingers Or Hips. Almost Every Fifth School Going Child Complains Of Occasional Jointaches And Approximately 5% Women Over 55 Years Suffer Under Different Kinds Of Inflammation In Various Joints. Also Known As Polyarthritis. It Is Quite A Well Known Fact That Almost Every Second Person After 35 Suffers From Arthritis Or Joint Deterioration.modern Research Has Confirmed The Remidical Effect Of Guggulu. One Knows Today That Guggulu In A Denser Concentration And Unique Combination Contains Sterone And Terpene Which Curbs Joint Inflammation.(cf. Ayurveda Tip: )due To The Two Natural Elements Mentioned Above, Guggulu In Its Pure Form (available As Capsule In Pharmacy/chemists) Works And Helps To A Certain Extent In A Forked Movement. (has A Binary Effect). Once As A Reduction Of Acidic/amphophilic Products In The Metabolic System. Once As A Reduction Of Inflammation. The Positive Thing Is That Both Aspects Are Without Any Side Effects Because The Bitter Substance Contained In Guggulu Has An Additional Feature. This Substance Activates The Digestive Tract Hence Promoting Purification In A Natural Form. The Detoxicating Effect Of Guggulu On The Body Is Immense Since It Enhances The Healing Process Of Ailments Like Arthrosis, Rheumatic Pains, And Arthritis.the Effectivity Of Guggulu Is Also Proved Through A New Research/study Undergone By The Southern California University (usa).this Study Observed 30 Women And 30 Men Who Suffered From Painful Knee Arthritis Since Years And The Scientists Supervised That The Patients Took Guggulu -capsules. Already After A Month Of Treatment There Was Clear Improvement Amongst The Patients Suffering From Knee Arthritis; All 60 Patients Could Move Their Knee Far Better Than Before. Likewise The Quality Of Pain Improved In That There Was A Clear Reduction Of Pain By Some Patients And With Other Patients The Pain Disappeared Completely.  Herbs

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