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Buildings Include And Factory-shumen

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Sell Factory, Co-operative Or Jv The Buildings Include: The Main Block No.1 Includes Workshop 30, Main Electric Power Substation Office Building With A Medical Unit, Indoor Covered Connection, Outdoor Warehouse For The Manufactured Production And The Industrial Waste, Specialized Room Land About 25 000 Sq. M. 1.1. Workshop 30 Built-up Area 9 940 Sq. M.built-up Space 96 300 M3 It Represents A Three-nave, Massive Production Hall.it Was Built In 1981. The Building Is Sectional (from Prefabricated Elements).the Support Construction Includes: Two-step Reinforced Columns With Short Cantilevers, Virendel Beams With An Opening Of 18.0 M, Longitudinal Supporting Beams On The Upper End Of The Columns, Vertical And Horizontal Steel Connections And Sectional Reinforced Concrete Foundations. The Columns And The Virendel Beams Form Frames At Each 6.0 M. Steel Crane Jibs With Crane Rails Are Mounted On The Short Cantilevers. There Are Additional Verticals With Horizontal Connections On The Medial Third Of The Virendel Beams, Among Which A Ceiling Lighting Is Mounted. The Roofing Is Made By Roof Panels Pp 3 X 6 M. The Enclosing Is By Wall Panels (fps, Fpc) And The Windows On The Longitudinal Frontages Are Metal (sep). The Doors Are Metal, Double, 2x200/400 M. The Flooring Is From Reinforced Concrete, Double Sheathed, With Cement Coating Smoothed Down With Dry Cement, Consistent With High Loadings. The Hall Height Up To The Lower Edge Of The Virendel Beams Is 8.0 M. The Outer Parts Of The Panels Are Painted. The Roof Drainage Is Internal With Drain Connectors And Drain Pipes To The Columns. The Hall Is In A Very Good Condition. 1.2. Main Electric Power Substation In Main Block No.1 Workshop 30 Building Built-up Area 75 Sq. M.developed Built-up Area 150 Sq. M. The Main Electric Power Substation Is Situated In The North-east Part Of The Main Block. It Is Two-storied. It Represents A Two-storied Monolithic Building, Built-up Additionally Below The Sectional Support Construction Of The Main Block. 1.3. Office & Public Services Building With A Health Center Built-up Area: 850.0 Sq.m.developed Built-up Area: 4248.0 Sq.mbuilt-up Space: 12700 M3 It Was Built In 1983 At The Enterprise Entrance, From The West Side Of Main Block No. 1 And Leans Against It. The Building Is Implemented According To The Spirola System Prefabricated Columns, Beams And Floors, Barring And Enclosing Made By Brickwork. The Building Is Of A Corridor Type As An Architectural Distribution It Represents A Long Corridor, Which Is The Way To The Offices And Studies; It Has A Monolithic Staircase And Adjacent Foyers On Each Floor. The Building Is Untended. Repairs Of The Roof And Finishing Works Are Needed. 1.4. A Covered Connection Built-up Area: 75 Sq.m.developed Built-up Area: 150 Sq.m It Is A Two Storey Building Of The Type Covered Corridor, Connecting The Office Building With The Canteen, Built In The North-west Part Of The Yard.it Was Built In 1985. A Passage For Workers To Main Blok No.1 Was Made In 1987 On The First Floor Of The Covered Connection, On An Area Of About 18.0 Sq.m. The Building Is Massive, The Construction Is Monolithic. The Covered Connection Is In A Very Good Condition. It Can Be Reconstructed To Have Other Types Of Rooms, As The Canteen Was Sold As A Detached Object And The Covered Connection Has Lost Its Function. It Has A Cement/marbled Flooring, The Enclosing Brick Walls Are Grouted On Both Sides, The Carpentry Is Metal On The First Floor And Wooden On The Second Floor. 1.5. An Open Are Storage Of Products And Wastes It Represents A Reinforced Concrete Ground With An Area Of 2706 Sq.m, Located On The Main Block 1 Level And Built At Its Eastern Part. It Was Built In 1981 Together With The Main Block. 1.6. Specialized Room Built-up Area 707 Sq.m. It Was Built In 1986. It Is Located Largely Under The Office Building. It Is All Made Of Concrete And In The Past Was Designed To Be Used As A Shelter For Civilian Protection. There Is Lighting And Air Ventilation. Main Block No.2 - Workshop 20, Public Services Building To Main Block No.2 And A Section For Enclosure Cleaning To Workshop 20 Land - 15 000 Sq. M. 2.1. Workshop 20 Built-up Area: 5759.0 Sq.m.built-up Space: 46 100 M3 It Was Built In 1977.it Is A Single Storey Industrial Building - A Two-nave Reinforced Concrete Hall, Prefabricated Construction. The Support Structure Consists Of Two-step Reinforced Concrete Columns With Short Cantilevers And Virendel Beams With An Opening Of 18.0 M, Mounted Through A 6 M Distance. The Height Up To The Lower Edge Of The Virendel Beams Is 8.0 M. The Roofing Is Made By Roof Panels Pp 3 X 6m. At Certain Distances The Roof Panels Are Replaced By Pyramidal Glazing Upper (ceiling) Lighting Of The Workshop. Steel Crane Jibs With Crane Rails Are Mounted On The Short Cantilevers. The Enclosing Is By Reinforced Concrete Panels And Metal Windows. The Flooring Is From Reinforced Concrete, Double Sheathed, With Cement Coating Smoothed Down With Dry Cement, Consistent With Large Loadings. The Entrances Are From The Southern Part Of The Workshop. The Double Doors Are From Steel. The Support Structure Of The Building Is In A Very Good Condition. All Equipment Of The Workshop Has Been Disassembled. 2.2. Public Services Building To Main Block No.2 Built-up Area: 301.0 Sq.m.developed Built-up Area: 602.0 Sq.mbuilt-up Space: About 1800 M3 Built In 1977. It Is A Two Storey Massive Monolithic Extension, Situated Along The Whole West Width Of Main Block No.2. The Public Services Rooms Are On The First Floor Changing Rooms, Bathrooms And Toilets For Men Workers. The Service Rooms For Women Are On The Second Floor. The Workshop Administration Offices Are On The Same Floor. The Finishing Works Include: Floor - Cement/marbled Flooring, Linoleum In The Offices, Wall-tiles In The Bathrooms; The Walls Are Painted With Calcimine And Oil Paints Peeled And Crannied In The Larger Part, White Wall-tiles Up To 1.50 Height In The Bathrooms/toilets. The Building Has A Direct Entrance To The Workshop. The Support Structure Of The Building Is In A Very Good Condition, However The Building Needs A Major Repair Of The Finishing Works. 2.3. A Section For Enclosure Cleaning To Workshop 20 Built-up Area: 180 Sq.m. (width 6.0 M And Length 30.0 M). It Is A Single Storey Extension, Occupying The Northern Part Of Workshop 20. It Was Built Additionally To The Workshop In 1987.the Building Is From Prefabricated Elements Columns, Beams, Roof And Enclosing Panels. The Flooring Is From Concrete Same As The Workshop Flooring. The Building Is Accessed Only From Workshop 20, So It Is Actually A Workshop Extension. The Support Structure Of The Building Is In A Very Good Condition. Main Block No 3 Comprises Foundry Workshop, Warehouse For Models, Cleaning Room For The Foundry And Warehouse For Materials Built-up Area 7101 Sq.m. Land About 25000 Sq.m.  Buildings Include And Factory-shumen

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